One Day Camp

5510 North Central Avenue, Phoenix

Hosted by local churches and other community-based agencies, this day long program provides awareness for children, teens and their families to understand issues of trust, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, guilt, anger, memories, hopes and dreams. This camp is held at different times throughout the year. Please visit our Calendar for the date of our next One Day At Camp.

How do you reach out to a child or teenager after they experience the death of a loved one? When a life is interrupted by the death of a loved one, there is a need to talk about the good times and memories, as well as the pain. In a fun-filled environment, children and their families learn they are not alone and realize the thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing are normal.

  • One Day Camp for Kids

  • One Day Camp for Families

  • One Day Camp for Grown Ups

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