Especially for Men

Look in the Mirror, A Handbook for Widowers

The author was a mess after his wife died. He encourages you to write in his book, argue any points, and take what you need on this journey. Covers single parenting, finance, your job, living alone and what to do with her things and more. - Ed Ames

Father Loss

How sons of all ages come to terms with the deaths of their dads. The experience of losing a father - no matter when or how it occurs - tests the strength and resilience of a son. In the worst of circumstances, the loss can propel a son toward despondency; in the best, it can inspire him to a new appreciation of life and loves, and move him with urgency to make the most of his remaining years. It is an extraordinary resources for anyone facing the death of a father, or still adjusting to such a loss that occurred years or even decades ago. - Neil Chethik

Healing A Father's Grief

Covers role problems, which include: Macho Man, Competitor, Protector, Provider, Problem Solver, Controller and then overcoming role problems. Many good suggestions. - Centering Corporation

Swallowed by a Snake

Discover new and powerful ways to heal, how the genders differ in their healing, examples of successful and unique healing strategies. Also, ways the individuals loss can impact the entire family. Acts as a "map" of grief for men or the women who love them.